John A. Atchison, LCSW
Fully Licensed Since 1982


Treatment Benefits


        People come to counseling for many reasons.


• As relationships evolve over time, some find the changes stressful, and effective communication becomes increasingly difficult to achieve.

• Some may help with depression caused by a loss, such as divorce, or the death of a loved one.

• Family of origin issues, such as having a neglectful or abusive parent may interfere with a person's growth towards a satisfying life.

• Life events and changes create anxiety.

Counseling provides:

The opportunity for you to explore, in a private and confidential setting, those concerns and feelings that you can't discuss with others.

A reserved time during your week that is devoted specifically to you.

An increased ability to resolve the immediate problem at hand.

An increased awareness and understanding of your feelings, where they come from, and  how they influence your thoughts and actions.

A greater sense of confidence in your ability to cope with future problems.

Answers to the questions, "Who am I, and why?"